Ashbeck Design


Ashbeck Design is a creative focused, family owned graphic design company based in the Pacific Northwest, US. For 25 years we have created stunning design that is as professional and unique as our customers. 

With core backgrounds in fine art, business and marketing, our team can bring your vision to fruition. We cut through the clutter and focus on the individuality of your business, service or product. By getting to know our customers and establishing long term relationships, we create better communications, resulting in better design...and we do it wisely, keeping our operating costs low and using your time and ours efficiently. 

Our scope of services is further enhanced by strong alliances with a diverse and select network of professionals, specialists, and production companies built upon 25 years of support and sustained relationships.

We believe a powerful brand is fundamentally the most important tool communicating your company, message, product or service.  The opportunity to connect with your target market happens in as little as a few seconds, and all probably without saying a word. Investing in a professional design for your business or product is one of the most important investments you can make in your success.


Deb Ashbeck - President, Creative Director

Twenty years ago I committed to founding and building a company that would allow our team to be highly creative with the utmost integrity.  We truly believe in delivering amazing products while also building customers relationships and other associations with people who share our commitment to service.  We continue to seek opportunities to improve our services, to be forward thinking, and to look toward the future of marketing and brand development. 

I have been an artist as long as I can remember. As a fine art major, I moved on to commercial design, owning and operating a successful screenprint and sign company and creating a boutique and resort clothing line. Wanting to focus solely on the creative, I started Ashbeck Design. My passion is appreciating and creating art in every aspect of life....graphic design is my practical application. 

Jami Clark - Marketing, Client Services

Management and marketing services require up-to-the minute expertise in multiple disciplines, high technology, and knowledge of industry trends. My expertise will support your needs in building social media, internet, and other strategies for project success.

With my BA from Oregon State University in hand, I eagerly entered into the world of marketing and management.  Later owning and operating a retail gift and art gallery, I was fortunate to experience the world of large corporate as well as small business.  After learning the extreme importance of visual representation and observing its differences and similarities between both business settings, I began studying design. Ten years and a few surprises later, I am now with Ashbeck Design. Trust that little voice in your head that says "Wouldn't it be interesting if..."  And then do it. ~ Duane Michals

Katherine Ashbeck - Senior Project Manager, Web Design Services

Katherine, or Kat, as she was nicknamed at UW, is a Creative Services Manager who joins us after gaining double bachelors at the University of Washington and spending years working in Creative and Marketing departments around the Pacific Northwest. 

Kat comes to us most recently from Starbucks' Global Creative Studio, where she managed the creation and production of the packaging materials and elements required for all Starbucks global coffee offeringsPrior to this, Kat worked as a Creative Traffic Manager and Marketing Project Governance Manager at Premera Blue Cross. Kat has gained a great amount of knowledge and professional flexibility by working within small creative agencies, large organizations and non-profit organizations. Kat has also gained valuable experience by working both with teammates sitting across the room, as well as teams working across the world.


We partner with many talented individuals on a freelance basis to ensure we can provide as many services as possible to our clients, under one community-based roof. 



Initial Meeting... Whether face to face or by phone, we get to know you with a fun and creative collaboration.  We clarify your branding objectives, design preferences, structural specifications, production considerations and budget. 

Research... We begin by studying competition, retail environment and similar product packaging. 

Conceptual Design  A minimum of 3 concepts are provided with design and brand direction. 

Editing Process  Fresh ideas and elements from each conceptual design are incorporated into additional rounds of concepts.

Mock-ups  As some design appears different when translated from 2D to 3D, we can work with your printer or fabricator to create mock-ups.

Finalized Design  Files are uploaded to production and archived for your records.